Saturday, March 13, 2010

Microraptor gui

My second in the series of images for the anti- creationism project. This one is Microraptor gui, a small dromaeosaur from the early Cretaceous of Liaoning, China. It is unique in that several of its described fossil specimens are preserved with a very distinct covering of feathers, including long flight feathers on its feet and hind legs. It probably used the combined effect of these four wings to glide or "parachute" short distances.

This one was done in conte crayon, and is from May of 2008, though it has been touched up very slightly since then.

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  1. Damn Emily, did you learn to draw like that, or is it an innate talent you're born with, like math ability?

    Did you take art in college, or just science? My first major was anthropology, but I changed it when they got all into cultural stuff. What I was interested in is evolutionary biology. Have you ever checked out comparative embryology? I'll blow your mind! It's like an anti-creationist smoking gun.

    And the fan art is cool, but post some of your older stuff, like from when you were a kid.


    -- faye