Thursday, September 26, 2013

All Your Yesterdays!

Every other paleo-nerd with a blog is posting about this, so I guess I'll join the bandwagon!

All Your Yesterdays, a new book by C.M. Koseman of Irregular Books, has just been released and is now available for download! Brought to you by the same group that published the game-changing paleoart book All Yesterdays (see my review of that book here), All Your Yesterdays is a compilation of paleoart from dozens of different artists that seek to explore unusual aspects of rational paleontological speculation. I have three pieces in the tome: two Microraptors doing unusual but plausible things, and a Utahraptor being unusual just by virtue of not trying to kill anything. Many other aspiring and talented paleoartists have tackled such scenarios as lactating stem-mammals, polycephaly and cancer in dinosaurs, and many unusual - though often quite reasonable - display structures.

The book is available for free download, but please consider donating to keep the fine folks at Irregular Books producing fabulous work!

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