Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jehol Juxtaposition

This picture was never meant to be. It is technically a mashup of two very large, time-intensive and high-resolution pieces I've been working on for months. I seldom upload lately due to the fact that the bulk of my artistic energy of late has been going into these two pictures.

Since both images are intended for print, a lot of the detail in the background will be lost when I finally resize them to upload for the internet. I thought it would be nice, though, to show some elements from each image that will be downsized in the final versions. They seemed to fit together well. Think of it as a glorified WIP.

This particular scene depicts Microraptor gui, a tiny four-winged gliding dromaeosaur, and Epicharmeropsis, an ancient mayfly.

Photoshop CS4

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sinornithosaurus with prey

Sneak peek at an upcoming larger image. Sinornithosaurus with its prey, a freshly killed Callobatrachus.