Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Archosaurs Calendar

Through a collaborative effort over at the Hell Creek paleontology forum, myself and a group of other artists have put together a 2013 Archosaurs calendar! This calendar features, for each month, a dinosaur or other extinct archosaur that was discovered in that month. This includes new specimens and studies as well, such as the Micoraptor color study performed in March.

The cover features all of the individual art found within.

The calendar features art by a total of 11 talented artists, as well as the organization efforts by Albertonykus. Contributing artists include:

Renato Santos
Tom Parker
Moritz Dukatz
Guillaume Babey
Adrian Wimmer
Fabio Manucci
Vladimir Nikolov
Christian Masnaghetti
Elia Smaniotto
And myself.

Proceeds from all sales will go to the future production of a children's book on dinosaurs, which will be another Hell Creek collaboration. This project will be an educational effort featuring fully accurate illustrations and information, the like of which is sorely lacking in the current market for children.

In other words, if you buy this calendar, all profit will go to a very good cause!

Here are a few samples of the material in this calendar:

Pegomastax, the South African strange-toothed heterodontosaurid described in October, by Vladimir Nikolov.

A herd of Xenoceratops - a new ceratopsian described in November - on the move, by Chris Masnaghetti.

The December entry, by Elia Smaniotto, rounds out the year and features a parade of hypothetical discoveries that we're hoping to see in 2013, and includes a flightless pterosaur, a feathered sauropod, a sailed ornithopods, and many others.

Buy it here!


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