Thursday, August 8, 2013

New website for my art

As of yesterday, the official website for my illustration work is up! My dear friend and brilliant web-developer did a marvelous job, and I’m really happy with it. From here on out, this will be my official platform for displaying my professional work, as well as a hub for selling items (check out the Store section for prints, merchandise, and a handful of originals). I’ve also written a fairly expansive “about” section that talks about why paleoart is so important to science and society, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Emily Willoughby Art

I will still post to Blogspot, DeviantArt and everywhere else, but I’ve been wanting a professional portfolio site for a long time and it’s been a long time coming. Check it out and tell your friends and stuff!


  1. I'm very happy for you, this site is perfect ;)

  2. Congratulations on your new website, Emily! I see your website is quite easy to navigate with header buttons to guide visitors. Your works look great as well! I love your Paleoart sketches and the skeletal diagrams. Keep on making wonderful artwork!

    Wava Huls @ HFI Web Design

  3. Having a professional portfolio is great but I also think that it's smart of you to continue posting on other platforms. It's a great way to get your artwork to more people who may not know of the website just yet. That said, congrats on the website! Looks really great! -Mike @ Pro Web Team

  4. I enjoyed taking a tour on your new website! It's well-designed, and easy to navigate; surely, your visitors will be amazed to see your portfolio. Keep on creating and posting such wonderful artworks, Emily. :)

    -Masako Gun @ ChampionOnlineMarketing