Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sinornithosaurus poses

In slowly completing a large, detailed Liaoning scene, I've been working on a sinornithosaurid. I have two poses I'm trying to choose between:

The top one is looking up passively at two Microraptors as they swoop down from above. The lower image is meant to be a bit more dynamic, and will be drawn protecting either a nest or mantling over a kill (perhaps a snake or a small mammal). I can't think of having seen artwork of a dromaeosaurid mantling. This is a behavior typically observed by birds of prey after making a kill: they will spread their wings and tail and crouch over it, looking menacing to anyone nearby who might consider stealing it.

I think I like the bottom one better.

Keep in mind that these are not meant to be representative of Microraptor gui and Sinornithosaurus millennii specifically, as those two species are from two different formations (Jiufotang and Yixian, respectively). Even though the species likely did not overlap, I think it's perfectly reasonable that the genera may have.

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